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Greek Catholic Church in Granville, NY

  • 05 January 2023 3:43 PM
    Message # 13046082

    I grew up in Vermont, nor that far from this church. My father took us there once for Easter, thinking it was a Russian Orthodox Church. Back then, I couldn't speak a word of Russian, Ukrainian, or "po-nashmu", plus I was just an eight-year-old kid. I remember nothing of that visit.

         Years later, I joined the Russian Orthodox parish in Pittsfield, MA. The priest there was also Rusyn, Fr. Jozef Petranin, passed away three years ago.

        I did visit Sts. Peter and Paul in Granville briefly in 1997. There was a Fr. Harold Stockert there. But I know little about the church, except that it's no longer active. I have enquired about it on the Byzantine Forum, but so far have not gotten much information.

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